Life Cycle of a Star Worksheet

Updated: 12/23/2019
Life Cycle of a Star Worksheet
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Astronomy - Main Sequence Star

Life Cycle of a Star

Lesson Plans by Oliver Smith

Life as we know it wouldn’t exist without the Sun. This ball of gas emits huge amounts of radiation that has sustained life on Earth for millions of years, and it is categorized as a star. Our star is relatively insignificant, as it is one of millions of stars in our galaxy, and our galaxy is only one of the billions of galaxies in the universe. Each of these galaxies are made up of stars that follow similar life cycles. The following activities will introduce students to the cycles of main sequence and massive stars as well as nuclear fusion reactions.

Life Cycle of a Star

Storyboard Description

Have students order the life cycle of a star with this worksheet! Customize it or print it as is to use in your classroom today.

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  • Name Date
  • Life Cycle of a Star
  • Directions: Put the stages of a star's life cycle in order and describe each stage in the space below.
  • SupernovaBlack DwarfNebulaDead StarNeutron Star Red GiantMassive NebulaNuclear FusionWhite DwarfMassive Main Sequence Star Planetary NebulaRed SupergiantBlue DwarfMain Sequence StarBlack Hole
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