Vocabulary in The Declaration of Independence

Updated: 9/9/2020
Vocabulary in The Declaration of Independence
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American independence begins not only with war and protest, but the Declaration of Independence itself. The Declaration serves as both a official severing of ties with Great Britain for the American colonies, and also a list of grievances detailing why this separation is necessary. It is the culmination of what the colonists had protested for, and against, throughout the years leading up to the American Revolution. Written by Thomas Jefferson in 1776, the Declaration is one of the most important and defining documents of our nation’s beginning.

Declaration of Independence

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Vocabulary activities in The Declaration of Independence

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  • Bill of Rights
  • n. kinship; descended from common ancestry
  • adj. cannot be taken away or transferred
  • n. deceit; betrayal of trust
  • Big BrotherSees All
  • n. absolute oppressive power or authority
  • n. an uprising, usually violent, against a government or authority figure