Welcome to Nowhere Finish the Story

Welcome to Nowhere Finish the Story
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Welcome to Nowhere

Welcome to Nowhere by Elizabeth Laird

Welcome to Nowhere is the story of twelve-year-old Omar Hamid and his family as they navigate through the civil war in Syria. Engage and educate students with premade Storyboard That activities!

Welcome to Nowhere

Storyboard Text

  • Musa
  • Eman
  • Omar
  • Musa would grow up to have a political career. He would have the highest education among his siblings and he would be a part of protests and rallies of the causes he supported. He would also work towards forming a better government in Syria.
  • Eman would grow up to become a teacher since she would not have to face the pressure of marriage. Her mother and her siblings would support her to have a career as a teacher. She would also encourage young girls to follow their ambitions and dreams.
  • After acquiring a basic education, Omar would grow up to own a successful business. He would sell a variety of goods and would support his family financially. He would tell stories of his journey to curious customers and occasionally donate to NGOs that help his country and its people.
  • Where Are They Now?
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