Welcome to Nowhere Plot Diagram

Welcome to Nowhere Plot Diagram
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Welcome to Nowhere

Welcome to Nowhere by Elizabeth Laird

Welcome to Nowhere is the story of twelve-year-old Omar Hamid and his family as they navigate through the civil war in Syria. Engage and educate students with premade Storyboard That activities!

Welcome to Nowhere

Storyboard Text

  • Title
  • We must leave again. It is not safe here.
  • Welcome to Nowhereby Elizabeth Laird
  • Twelve year old Omar and his family live in the city of Bosra in Syria. Omar finds out that his father has been transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture in Daraa, and the entire family will be moving there to live with their grandmother. The following days are tough, as none of them wish to leave, but they must do so.
  • Omar and his family move to Daraa amidst rising tensions of war. They witness people getting shot, and militants search their house. They then move to the Omar's aunt's farm in the countryside in search of safety. Life on the farm seems tranquil at first, but soon the violence spreads to the area.
  • Omar and his family decide to escape. They travel to the border that leads to Jordan. As the try to cross over, shots are fired at them from behind. However, they manage to reach Jordan safely and are taken to refugee camps.
  • In the refugee camps, the family faces many difficulties. Their father finds out that Musa was a part of the activities he considered illicit, and he decides to leave Jordan to go back to Syria. The family later learns that father has died. Omar starts earning by selling batteries, and Eman and Faud go to school. Nadia suffers from a heart condition.
  • The story ends with Omar and his family traveling to the UK to get Nadia treated. They are scared and unsure of what the future holds for them.
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