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Elections: Political Parties
Updated: 10/30/2020
Elections: Political Parties
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Political Parties

Teacher Guide by Liane Hicks

Political parties are an important part of the electoral process in the United States. Understanding political parties and their core values helps voters decide whom to vote for in an election. Voters can then choose the candidate that they believe most aligns most with their own personal beliefs.

Political Parties

Storyboard Description

Introduce students to the different political parties of the US with this activity

Storyboard Text

  • Republican Party Core Beliefs: Lower taxes on the wealthy and corporations, less regulation on businesses, restrictions on immigration, increased military spending, gun rights.2020 Presidential Candidate: Donald Trump
  • Democratic Party Core Beliefs: Strong central government, regulation, progressive taxes, protecting the environment, social services, protecting civil liberties, gun control.2020 Presidential Candidate: Joe Biden
  • Libertarian Party Core Beliefs: Individual freedoms, less government, more private enterprise, low taxes, little to no regulation, legalize "victimless" crimes such as gambling and drugs.2020 Presidential Candidate: Howie Hawkins
  • Green Party Core Beliefs: Social justice and equal opportunity for all, environmental protections, nonviolence, and grassroots democracy.2020 Presidential Candidate: Jo Jorgensen
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