Early Humans Megafauna

Updated: 1/8/2021
Early Humans Megafauna
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Millions of years ago, our ancestors survived in a very different environment than we have today. They encountered large, terrifying mammals and had to work each day to ensure food and shelter for their survival. The Paleolithic Age saw advances with stone tools while the Neolithic Age brought the discovery of farming and permanent settlements. By investigating the past, we can gain greater insight into our relationship to the earth and each other.

Early Humans

Storyboard Description

Early humans encountered large and terrifying creatures that are now extinct today. Create a storyboard illustrating different types of megafauna!

Storyboard Text

  • The Saber-toothed tiger was a predatory mammal known for its distinctive pair of long, razor-sharp canine teeth that could grow to 8 inches long!
  • Ground sloths were about the size of a modern elephant at 20 ft long and weighed approximately 3 tons.
  • Woolly Mammoths varied in size but could grow to be as tall as 13 feet and weighing 8 tons. Both male and female mammoths have tusks.