Julius Caesar Timeline

Julius Caesar Timeline
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Julius Caesar Summary & Lesson Plans

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare

Lesson Plans by Rebecca Ray

Fearing Rome would lose its democracy under the rule of Caesar, Brutus agrees to kill his friend in the name of Rome. Conspiring with other senators, Brutus and Cassius stab Caesar to death Caesar on the day of his coronation. Julius Caesar famously says, "Et tu, Brute?" indicating his deep feeling of betrayal.

Ancient Rome for Kids

Ancient Rome

Lesson Plans by Liane Hicks

Ancient Rome was a kingdom, then a republic, and finally an empire that lasted from 753 BCE to about 476 CE, over a thousand years! Although their ideas and innovations in art, architecture, engineering, and politics were two thousand years ago, their legacy is seen all around and still influences us today.

Tragedy of Julius Caesar, The

Storyboard Description

Create a timeline of the tragic life and death of Julius Caesar!

Storyboard Text

  • Formed First Triumvirate (60 BCE)
  • Crosses the Rubicon (49 BCE)
  • Born (100 BCE)
  • The triumvirate was an alliance between Crassus and Pompey. Together they ruled Rome, and their policies favored Caesar.
  • Julius Caesar
  • Elected Pontifex Maximus (63 BCE)
  • Elected Consul (59 BCE)
  • During his time as Consul, Caesar conquered Gaul.
  • Julius was the chief high priest in the Collegium Pontificum.
  • Caesar's enemy, Pompey, viewed the crossing of the Rubicon as a threat. The act helped facilitate the Roman Civil War.
  • Assassinated (44 BCE)
  • The senators assassinated Julius Caesar to keep him from becoming too powerful. Two years later, he was named the Divine Julius.
  • Becomes Dictator for Life (45 BCE)
  • The Senate declared Caesar Dictator Perpetuus. During his reign, Caesar reformed the tax system and changed the calendar, among other changes.
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