Create A Law Simulation

Updated: 12/11/2020
Create A Law Simulation
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Legislative Branch Lesson Plans

The Legislative Branch

Lesson Plans by Matt Campbell

When the Founding Fathers established the American government, they made a system of checks and balances so no one part of the government would have too much power. One of these, the Legislative Branch, was created to make laws, that the other two branches would enforce and judge.

The Legislative Branch

Storyboard Description

Branches of Government - The Legislative Branch - Create a law!

Storyboard Text

  • Name of the Bill and Description
  • End of The Exam Bill
  • What Problem is the Bill Addressing
  • We haven't studied this since September!
  • Final Exam Today!
  • I really don't remember this!
  • I USED to know this!
  • How Does the Bill Fix the Problem?
  • Final Exam Next Monday!
  • Alternative Options:1. Make a Storyboard2. Film a Movie3. Write a Paper
  • The bill that I propose is the "End of The Exam" bill. This bill would prohibit the mandatory use of exams in schools, and allow students to complete alternate assessments to display their knowledge.
  • This bill is addressing the problem that students face with major exams. Certain students struggle to recall months' worth of information, and because of this, their grade is significantly damaged.
  • Creating alternative options to exams may help students display their knowledge in new and exciting ways.
  • Let's make a storyboard that shows our understanding of this year instead!
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  • "End of the Exam" Bill