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The Lost Colony of Roanoke Timeline Example

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The Lost Colony of Roanoke Timeline Example
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Age of Exploration in America

Storyboard Description

Age of Exploration / Age of Discovery lesson plan - Students can illustrate the timeline of the lost colony of roanoke

Storyboard Text

  • Lead by John White, between 110 and 150 settlers arrive on Roanoke Island on the Chesapeake Bay.
  • Difficulties quickly arise, and within a week of landing in Roanoke, an English colonist is killed by a native while fishing.
  • John White's daughter, Eleanor, gives birth. The child is named Virginia and was the first English child born in America.
  • Lacking supplies for the colony, John White is convinced to return to England. He plans to return to Roanoke as quickly as possible.
  • No! I have to deal with the Spanish Armada!
  • Due to a war with Spain, Queen Elizabeth refused to give White a ship to return. Despite begging, White would have to wait, knowing his colony desperately needed the supplies.
  • After the defeat of the powerful naval fleet known as the Spanish Armada, White is finally able to return to his colony.
  • ?
  • White's return to the island is met with silence. The buildings and people of Roanoke are nowhere to be seen. The only thing remaining is a tree carved with the word "Croatoan".
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