Specialized Cells Vocabulary Spider Map

Specialized Cells Vocabulary Spider Map
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Specialized Cells Lesson Plans

Specialized Cells: Definition and Student Activities

By Oliver Smith

Cells are the building blocks of all living things. The human body contains hundred of different types of cells that each serve a different purpose. Each cell has adaptations that allow it to work effectively within living things. Once students have mastered basic cells, they should move on to specialized cells and their specific functions. The following activities are aimed to help students differentiate between specialized cells through visual aids and vocabulary!

Specialized Cells

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Specialized Cells vocabulary terms and definitions

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  • Cilia are small, hair-like parts of a cell which are found in the cells lining the trachea. They move to sweep mucus and dirt away from the lungs.
  • A flagellum is a whip-like tail that allows certain cells to move.
  • Surface area is the amount of area of the outside part of a shape, often measured in m2.
  • Specialized Cells Vocabulary
  • A haploid nucleus is a nucleus that contains only a single set of chromosomes which are not paired. This is half the number of chromosomes as a regular cell.
  • A dendrite is a branch at the end of a nerve cell which connects to other cells.
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