The Interlopers - Vocabulary

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The Interlopers - Vocabulary
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"The Interlopers" is set in the Carpathian Mountains, with two feuding men, Ulrich and Georg, searching for one another. These two adversaries are involved in a land dispute that goes back three generations, when the land was claimed by Ulrich's family. Ulrich, assuming that Georg is poaching on his land, goes out in search of him with the intent to shoot him. However, when the men come face to face, fate intervenes and a large tree falls on the men, trapping them.

Interlopers, The

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The Interlopers Vocabulary activities

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  • Don't you remember what he's done to you?
  • You can't be friends!?
  • (V.) To illegally hunt or catch game, usually on the land of another.
  • (V.) To make amends or to make up after a disagreement.
  • (N.) A person who becomes involved in a place or situation where they are not wanted or are considered not to belong.
  • "The Interlopers" Vocabulary
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