Example of Verbal Bullying

Updated: 2/26/2019
Example of Verbal Bullying
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Here at Storyboard That, we believe every student should have the right to a quality education, free of intimidation. We have found that by using storyboards to create role-playing scenarios, students can better see the effects and characteristics of bullying. Through interactive lessons, you can help change student mindsets from “bullying is a problem” to “bullying is a problem, and I can do something about it”.

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Storyboard Description

Types of Bullying: Example of Verbal Bullying | Help students identify the different types of bullying with storyboard examples

Storyboard Text

  • Verbal bullying is words directed at a person. Name calling, insults, teasing, intimidation, or making homophobic or racist remarks are forms of verbal abuse.
  • Yo, Red, give me the ball. You can't play, you're a freak!
  • How old are you, five? My baby sister still plays in a sandbox.
  • Oh, look! It's Dora The Explorer!