Lord of the Flies Summary & Plot Digram

Lord of the Flies Summary & Plot Digram
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Lord of the Flies is an eye-opening novel about what happens to a group of boys who are abandoned and left to fend for themselves. Students always seem to relate to the plight of Ralph, as he struggles to maintain order in a place where anarchy runs wild. Students see first-hand how quickly the chaos escalates when there are no rules or boundaries to a society.

Lord of the Flies

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Summarize the book Lord of the Flies with a Plot Diagram storyboard

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  • The boys' plane crashes, and they are stranded on a deserted island. When they all swim ashore, the boys find a conch shell and use it to call to the others.
  • A struggle for power begins. Most of the boys, particularly Ralph, attempt to create order. However, some of the boys, especially Jack, do not want to listen to Ralph.
  • As Ralph struggles to maintain order, the lack of adults, laws, and structure creates chaos among the boys. Rumors of a monster on the island begin to circulate. Jack and his hunting party vow to kill the monster.
  • Piggy is killed, and the faction led by Jack has taken on a savage, ritualistic mentality. Ralph goes to confront them.
  • Jack and the hunters turn on Ralph and begin to hunt him.
  • Ralph runs to the beach to escape Jack. There, he encounters a British Naval Officer. As he attempts to tell him what has happened, he breaks down into tears. When the other boys arrive, they also begin to sob.
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