Examples of Themes in Lord of the Flies

Examples of Themes in Lord of the Flies
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Lord of the Flies is an eye-opening novel about what happens to a group of boys who are abandoned and left to fend for themselves. Students always seem to relate to the plight of Ralph, as he struggles to maintain order in a place where anarchy runs wild. Students see first-hand how quickly the chaos escalates when there are no rules or boundaries to a society.

Lord of the Flies

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Lord of the Flies Themes: Order and Chaos

Storyboard Text

  • Ralph attempts to create a civilization and maintain a set of rules. He envisions a utopia built on democracy, where each boy has a voice and is heard. Also, he imagines a place where everyone has a role to contribute to the welfare of the group.​
  • The signal fire started by Ralph and Piggy is contained to a small point off the coast. Diplomatically, they established shifts for the boys to keep watch of it and make sure it stays lit.
  • The conch shell is used to call the boys together. Whoever possesses the conch shell is the only one allowed to speak.
  • Jack undermines the democracy Ralph wants to create, and becomes a dictator who rules through fear. He only values being a hunter and continuously​ watches as boys are killed by members of his clan.
  • Jack uses the fire for his own purposes. Near the end, ​he burns half the forest in hopes to smoke Ralph out. His flames become a chaotic and destructive force used for evil.
  • The "Monster" is the embodiment of chaos; the severed boar's​ head is its incarnation. As the novel progresses, we learn the only real monster is the one inside humanity.
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