TWIST Analysis Template Storyboard

TWIST Analysis Template Storyboard
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Text Analysis

Text Analysis

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TWIST Acronym for Literary Analysis

TWIST Graphic Organizer

Lesson Plans by Rebecca Ray

With the TWIST method, students are asked to look for and analyze the following terms: tone, word choice, imagery and detail, style, and theme. When completing a TWIST, students may use a paragraph or even a few pages, looking at each of these items systematically, both sequentially and as they relate to each other. For example, when examining tone and word choice, students should find a correlation between the two. The graphic above illustrates how each part of the TWIST should be connected, as each element overlaps with those adjacent to it.

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Storyboard Description

Teaching Literary Elements - Twist Graphic Organizer Template for Prose Analysis

Storyboard Text

  • T - TONE
  • S - STYLE
  • T - THEME
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