Types of Graphic Organizers on Storyboard That

by Natasha Lupiani

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What is a Graphic Organizer?

A graphic organizer is a tool or framework that allows you to collect, relate, and/or present information visually. Graphic organizers take many forms, and include favorites such as the Venn diagram, story webs, and concept maps. Information presented in an easy-to-read format can enhance thinking, spark new ideas, and maintain focus on the topic or task at hand. A graphic organizer is intended to provide structure to ideas or concepts, making it easy to collect or add information. Once the graphic organizer is complete, it serves as a presentation or study model.

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Types of Graphic Organizers on Storyboard That

Storyboard That has designed six versatile layouts for you to use for creating amazing storyboards and comic strips!

Take a look at the types of graphic organizer layouts Storyboard That offers.

Changing your storyboard layout within the Storyboard Creator is simple:

  1. Click on "Storyboard Layout" at the bottom of the Storyboard Creator. A pop-up window will appear.
  2. Click on the image of your desired layout.
  3. The pop-up window will automatically close after you have made a selection.

Storyboard That Layouts

Layout Image Best For Not Ideal For
Traditional Storyboard
  • Presenting Information without a Hierarchy
  • Sequencing
  • Vocabulary
  • Brainstorming
Frayer Model
  • Linear Narratives
  • Sequencing
Spider Map
  • Linear Narratives
  • Changes Over Time
  • Examples of a Central Topic
  • Character Map
  • Presenting Information without a Hierarchy

Let's take a closer look at each of the layouts!

Traditional Storyboard Layout

The traditional storyboard is our default layout and perfect for digital storytelling! The traditional storyboard layout is extremely flexible in its simplicity and the different cell layouts can give your storyboards versatile levels of continuity and organization.

Use the Traditional Storyboard Layout For:

ELA History Foreign Language STEM
  • Narration of a Historical Event
  • Mini-Bio of Historical Figures
  • Summary of Important Documents
  • Explain Steps in an Experiment
  • Summarize Information
  • Instructions to Solve a Problem

For more information on this layout, please see our article on the traditional storyboard layout.

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T-Chart Layout

The typical T-Chart is great for comparing two items. Storyboard That allows you to add columns, so users can compare more than two items. This allows students to create graphic organizers to compare and contrast, all at once.

Use the T-Chart Layout For:

ELA History Foreign Language STEM
  • Cause and Effect
  • Point of View
  • Quote Analysis
  • Literal Meaning Vs. Expression
  • Tenses
  • False Cognates
  • Cause and Effect
  • Equivalents
  • Chemical Reactions

For more information on this layout, please see our full article, T-Charts.

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Grid Layout

Turn charts full of text into a visual matrix! The grid is ideal for collecting and/or displaying information. Customize your grid storyboard by using the different cell layout options or by adding and removing cells.

Grids work best for storyboards with lots of information. Because they are in a matrix format, there are labels for the x and y axes like many charts and graphs. There are lots of ways to use the grid layout!

Use the Grid Layout For:

ELA History Foreign Language STEM
  • Change Over Time
  • Advanced Comparisons
  • Text Analysis
  • Vocabulary
  • Conjugation
  • Instructions for a Process
  • Observations
  • Sorting Boards
  • Charts for Collecting Information

One thing to note about the grid layout is that every grid has title boxes in the left-most column. These title boxes are separate from the cells of your storyboard. While the title inside the title box is the only thing you can edit, you can easily add scenes, text, photos, characters, or objects to fill in the white space if you desire.

For more information on this layout, see our article: Grid Layout.

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Frayer Model

The Frayer Model is commonly used as a vocabulary builder to help students learn definitions. When you select the Frayer Model Layout, it opens with four cells that each contain a title box that is already in place. Cells cannot be added or removed from this layout, but you can edit the title boxes and add descriptions to expand the uses you may have for this particular layout.

Use a Frayer Model Layout For:

ELA History Foreign Language STEM
  • Character Analysis
  • Literary Element Examples
  • Text Analysis
  • Significant Events
  • Four-Part Game Boards
  • Vocabulary
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Concept Examples

See our full article on Frayer Models for more information!

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Spider Map Layout

The spider map is a great resource for brainstorming or displaying information about one central idea. Start with a topic and branch out with examples, characteristics, or details.

Use the Spider Map Layout For:

ELA History Foreign Language STEM
  • 5 Ws
  • Causes of a Significant Event
  • Important Historical Figures
  • Vocabulary
  • Characteristics
  • Cultural Examples
  • Brainstorming
  • Fraction Equivalents
  • Internet Safety

Our full article about spider maps can give you more information!

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Timelines are immensely useful for historical events or progressions over time! The number of cells is determined by the number of dates you put in. All timelines must have dates, either general, like "1825", or more precise dates, such as "Friday, November 18, 1825, 7:00 pm".

Use the Timeline Layout For:

ELA History Foreign Language STEM
  • Biography
  • Evolution of Literary Movement
  • Chronicle an Era
  • Events Leading up to a Significant Time
  • Home Country History
  • When to Use Tenses
  • Evolution of Design Element
  • History of Scientific Thinking

For more information on timelines, please see our article, Timelines.

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There are many ways to use Storyboard That's various layouts! The full articles on each of the layout options can offer more in-depth information and ideas.

Check out our other graphic organizer articles:

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