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By Patrick Healey

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The average percentage of visual learners sitting in your classroom is 65%. Storyboard That could be a wonderful tool to help reach the majority of your students in an original and creative manner. Use as a fun assessment tool, discussion starter, or presentation format for students and teachers. Time efficiency isn’t the first thought that comes to mind when making stories, but Storyboard That achieves just that. Armed with the drag and drop and copy features, it’ll allow your students to create work in a timely manner. The ability to adapt any scene, character or object in several different ways gives teachers and students the ability to personalize content. This helps students connect with the content and with the lesson’s learning objectives.

Real-life practice and application is the goal of most scenarios. Several health education lessons throughout a school year will include scenarios of some sort. Scenarios are an important category of activities; they allow student to work through problems in a real-life setting. Have students work through different scenarios, imagine themselves in them, or create their own comics are just a few ways Storyboard That. When they create characters that look like themselves or others, they may be creating a different connection that was not there before. Building connections with content is an underlying educational goal for retention of content.

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Storyboard That provides an ability to be creative for students who lack the ability to put their thoughts and ideas into drawing or visuals. With the abilities of manipulating scenes and changing characters' movement and facial expression, Storyboard That gives students a very powerful tool, a tool to help them express messages they way not have been able to before. When students feel successful, they are more motivated internally for achievement. No one wants to fail or be frustrated in their own capabilities.

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Terminology is usually the beginning lessons of a unit and is a fundamental building block when trying to understanding broad concepts. At times, some definitions may blend together for students, so incorporating a visual aid for these terms may aid students with internalizing differences. When using Storyboard That you’ll be able to combine more than one dynamic of understanding in an attention grabbing way. The example below shows an activity using visual learning with verbal learning. With this tool you’ll be able to reach more of your students through one highly effective method.

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Health education curriculum usually contains subjects and content that may be sensitive and challenge social norms. I believe this is what makes health so important for students. Using Storyboard That as a way to introduce and elaborate on tough topics through visual creation will allow for seamless instruction. Some students may be apprehensive to talk about these subjects. Using stories to tell messages can help ease the tension. Other students may feel a disconnect from certain cultures or beliefs. Again, Storyboard That’s personalization of characters, scenes, and objects allows for anyone to connect with your content.

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Creativity has always been a difficult aspect to measurable in a rubric. Taking out the need to create the art gives every student the ability to be creative and allows each teacher to see the level of effort put into the work. It also allows for consistency with relation to measurability. When each student has the same tools, we have an even playing field. Let’s see how far they can take Storyboard That in your class!

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The use of the T-Chart layout works perfectly in a nutrition unit. When discussing the impact of decisions like healthier eating habits or physical activity, you’ll be able to have your students compare outcomes side-by-side. Creating visual aids to help students with the essential nutrients through the spider map layout will reach your visual learners. Using that same activity as a summative assessment for your nutrition unit may spice up a dull topic for some. Whether or not the students are individually working and sharing work or working in a group setting, they’ll be visualizing and creating outcomes of a healthy lifestyle.

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Practicing decision making and analyzing possible outcomes in a safe format is especially imperative during an addiction unit. When students are faced with decisions in life, they will have to make their minds up quickly. Practicing positive decision making will help develop important life skills for application in the real world. I sometimes find myself struggling to give students relevant scenarios and keep up with what young people are concerned about. With Storyboard That, students create their own scenes with their own ideas; students are creating the realistic situation the teachers are looking for.

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In my classroom, I’ve utilized a cartoon strip as a summative project for my students. The activity asked them to create a refusal skill scenario where someone refused peer pressure. The students enjoyed this project because they were able to create something for a grade as opposed to writing an essay. Everything has its drawbacks and flaws. The students who struggle with their creative abilities either submitted work that did not meet the criteria of the rubric or was not as well done as others around them. Other students were perfectionists that used way too much class time on each scene. Storyboard That addresses these issues by providing excellent expressive art that students can personalize. Give your students the ability to express themselves in a fun way while meeting curriculum standards with Storyboard That.

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