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There are many different kinds of filmmakers and all of them have a story. With each story, comes a unique set of requirements and obstacles to plan for and plan around. Equipment, actors, story ideas, and logistics are all important for all filmmakers. We at Storyboard That want everyone to be able to tell their story, whether it be in a single panel of a video storyboard or a feature-length film. We have many resources available that will help you get your story in motion.

Use the following resources to help you with any of the following projects:

  • Commercial
  • Film School Project
  • Animated Short
  • Vimeo/YouTube Production
  • HR Video
  • Documentary
  • Television Show
  • Movie

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What does a Director of Photography do?

How to be Your Own Storyboard Artist

By Josh Bumcrot

Hiring a storyboard artist is time consuming, expensive, and can ultimately be ineffective. There are many advantages to being your own storyboard artist, but what if you don't know how? This article gives you three simple tips on how to easily create storyboards and make them look professional.
What does a Producer do?

The Role of Film Producers

By Miguel Cima

Producers are the men and women who take care of thousands of details to make sure the film can be made. Find out more about the working relationship in Making It All Happen: The Role of Film Producers.
What does a Director of Photography do?

How to Work with Cinematographers

By Miguel Cima

As a filmmaker, you have a certain vision in your head. The cinematographer is the one who will make your vision come to life by choosing the right filters, cameras, lenses, angles and so on. Find out more about the working relationship in Working with the Cinematographer.
Using arrows in a storyboard for camera movement

How to Create a Storyboard From Your Screenplay

By Miguel Cima

Before you start creating your storyboard, you have to decide which storyboard template you want to use. This is one of those “there’s no wrong answer” choices. It’s a matter of which workflow you feel most comfortable with.
Rocky Storyboard Example

How to Storyboard your Screenplay

By Miguel Cima

Filmmaking begins from the first time you dream. That can be the sleeping kind of dream, or the daydream, where your imagination takes you to amazing places. In both cases, there’s a picture in the mind’s eye. And for the moment, nobody in the world but you can see it. In that way, we are all filmmakers. But what separates the bonafide filmmaker from everyone else is their need to turn those dreams into an actual movie. And that means getting down to the hard work of bringing those visions to life.
Writing the Film Script

How to write a Screenplay

By Miguel Cima

Need help on writing a screenplay? We've got you covered. From writer's block to editing the final product, The Screenplay: the Guide to Getting it Done is a helpful article to get you through a difficult process.
What does a Producer do?

Pre-production Checklist

By Miguel Cima

There are a lot of steps to making a movie of any kind, and so much depends on proper planning. With the right foresight, you can save the production both time and money. Read our Pre-Production Checklist article to make sure you are preparing for everything you need.
Traditional Storyboard Layout

What is a Storyboard?

By Aaron Sherman

A storyboard is a graphic organizer that plans a narrative. Storyboards are a powerful way to visually present information; the linear direction of the cells is perfect for storytelling, explaining a process, and showing the passage of time.
Filmmaking Resources

How to Storyboard for Film

By Miguel Cima

The storyboard is the first time your big idea gets to be seen. Storyboarding is essential for making sure everyone is on the same page before and during production. Check out some of the reasons you should be Storyboarding for Film.
Editing Your Film

A Director Prepares: Unleashing the Nexus of Filmmaking

By Miguel Cima

You are the director of a film. What does that mean? What does a director do? There are so many misconceptions about film directors, and such a heavy mythology is attached to the position, that the romanticized version is almost always both overstated and underestimated.
Character Evolution

Camera Shots, Camera Motions, and Object Motion

By Sarah Laroche

When creating a storyboard for film, it is imperative that the images reflect the script. Motion is central to these images: the motions of the characters and objects within the scene, as well as the motion of the camera observing it. Instead of bogging down the description box with tedious details of every action, let the image communicate the motion of a scene. Arrows are a simple and recognizable way to show motion or progression.
Film Resources

6 Special Visual Effects in Film

By Miguel Cima

Want to do any special effects in your film? Learn more about different kinds of special effects and which ones will work best for your production. The type of special effects determine camera shots, necessary props, and more.
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