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Activity Overview

Guage understanding and facilitate class discussion with short personal response squares as students complete their daily reading assignments. A one-cell response only requires a small amount of time, but can effectively promote critical thinking and engagement. Provide students with a prompt to consider as they read a given reading selection and ask them to present their answer to the class using Storyboard That.

  1. What lesson did you take away from this chapter and why?
  2. Who was your favorite character in this chapter and why?
  3. What is one character, location, or object in this chapter that appears symbolic to you? What does it seem to represent?
  4. What do you think was the most important line in this chapter? Explain its significance.

The sample activity below is based on the fourth prompt.


“Si nous restons ici, nous n'y serons que comme les autres; au lieu que si nous retournons dans notre monde seulement avec douze moutons chargés de cailloux d'Eldorado, nous serons plus riches que tous les rois ensemble, nous n'aurons plus d'inquisiteurs à craindre, et nous pourrons aisément reprendre Mlle Cunégonde" (Ch. 18, p. 116).


Cette citation est significative parce qu’elle révèle l’ambition, l'avidité, et la vanité naturelle des hommes. Candide ne peut être satisfait dans l’utopie d’Eldorado; il cherche toujours quelque chose de nouveau et veut se sentir supérieur aux autres.

Lesson Plan Reference

Grade Level 9-12

Difficulty Level --- N/A ---

Type of Assignment Individual

Template and Class Instructions

(These instructions are completely customizable. After clicking "Use This Assignment With My Students", update the instructions on the Edit Tab of the assignment.)

As you read the next chapter, be on the lookout for important moments and lines. A line might be important because of the way it contributes to the plot development, connects to a theme, or reveals a key character quality. When you’ve found your line, present it at the top of a storyboard and create an illustration in the square. In the textbox at the bottom, add an explanation of the quotation’s significance.


(You can also create your own on Quick Rubric.)

Candide Important Quotations
Create a storyboard identifying the most important line in your assigned reading. Illustrate the line and explain its significance.
7 Points
4 Points
1 Points
Important line and explanation
The student has selected a significant line from the reading and clearly explained its importance.
The student has selected a line from the reading and given a reason for their selection. Line may lack significance or explanation may be simplistic.
Student has failed to select or explain line, or work shows severe lack of understanding of the novel.
The storyboard square shows effort and appropriately demonstrates the chosen quotation.
The storyboard square shows effort and relates to the chosen quotation.
The storyboard square shows little effort and/or fails to reflect a connection to the chosen quotation.
Grammar and Spelling
All sentences and/or dialogue contain correct grammar and spelling (including accent marks) as appropriate for the class level.
Most sentences and/or dialogue contain correct grammar and spelling (including accent marks) as appropriate for the class level.
The sentences and/or dialogue contain many grammatical or spelling errors (including accent marks).

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