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It is impossible to teach Candide without teaching satire. The novel is a wonderful way to introduce or reinforce this difficult literary concept. Use storyboards to help students isolate examples of satire and thus enrich their understanding of Voltaire’s nuanced social critique. Discuss elements of satire together as a class to get started. Consider reviewing the following concepts:

Les Éléments de la Satire


“Cependant, à force de médecines et de saignées, la maladie de Candide devint sérieuse.”

La litote

"tous deux furent menés séparément dans des appartements d'une extrême fraîcheur, dans lesquels on n'était jamais incommodé du soleil..."

La contradiction

"et tout fut consterné dans le plus beau et le plus agréable des châteaux possibles"

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Candide is a satire, a work that uses humor to criticize something. Satire makes use of irony, hyperbole, contradiction, understatement, and comic juxtaposition to create its effect. As you study examples of satire in Candide, try to identify the literary device Voltaire uses to create that satire.

For this assignment, you will create a storyboard illustrating three examples of satire in Candide. Review your reading carefully to find specific lines or situations that reflect different satirical elements. As in the example storyboard, identify the kind of satirical device, then illustrate the scene, and include the relevant line from the text. Be prepared to explain your examples to the class.

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