Activity Overview

For an advanced project, have students create a storyboard that they will later turn into a video! They can storyboard their script about an accident or injury, and diagnosis. Or they can use this activity to show their fluency by practicing conjugation, vocabulary use, and gender knowledge.

For this assignment, here are suggested areas for students to focus:

  • Describe how you are feeling
  • Tell what parts of your body hurt
  • Suggest things you or others can do to feel better

For this example, the teacher intends to have students act out this storyboard. Having students storyboard their script beforehand will enable them to get their thoughts on paper, and to practice their dialogue before taping.

Storyboard Text Example


Ayúdenme que me he caído en el agujero.

¡Tengo dolor en la pierna! Tengo que ir al médico.

¿Me puedes decir dónde te duele?

Me duele todo el pie, caí y ahora está de color morado.

¡Necesitarás terapia física, descanso, y no deportes!

Un mes más tarde...

Ya estoy mejor. Gracias, doctor.

De nada José. Buena suerte en su juego de fútbol!

Me gusta el fútbol estoy feliz que puedo jugar otra vez.

Help I've fallen into the hole.

I have pain in my leg! I have to see the doctor.

Can you tell me where it hurts?

It hurts all over the foot, I fell and it is now purple.

You will need physical therapy, and no sports!

A month later...

I'm better. Thank you, Doctor.

José, you're welcome. Good luck in your soccer game!

I like soccer. I'm happy I can play again.

Template and Class Instructions

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