Activity Overview

This activity is focused on learning to ask for, and get, what you want. To reinforce students learning, have them create a storyboard that shows the dialogue of a person going back-to-school shopping. For inspiration, students can depict their experience. Teachers can model this by creating a storyboard of their own, then ask the students to complete their own. To keep students on track, it is a good idea to provide a list of exactly what you expect them to use for vocabulary from the chapter. Either way, getting students to create and use the vocabulary, conjugation, and phrases will enhance their practical knowledge and fluency.

Suggested Focus Areas

  • Describe the color, fit, and price of clothes
  • Ask about and buy clothes
  • Tell where and when you bought clothes and how much you paid for them

For this example, the student would fill in the yellow text bubbles using the vocabulary from the chapter on clothing. The idea is for them to discuss the needs and likes of the person shopping, and pick out the appropriate gender-related clothing for Raquel and Carlos.

Storyboard Example Description Vocabulary
Raquel Raquel needs new clothes for school. Pick out the following items for her:
  • Una mochila
  • Un Parasol
  • Un Monedero
  • Un Vestido
  • Una Blusa Una Falda
Carlos Carlos needs new clothes for school. Pick out the following items for him:
  • Una mochila
  • Un Sombrero
  • Los Pantalones
  • Los pantalones cortos
  • Una camisa azul Un Lazo

Template and Class Instructions

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