Activity Overview

Note-taking templates are used to guide students as they are reading a text or listening to a lecture in class, and provide spaces for them to organize information. They can be especially useful for history classes, as there are spaces for students to put important dates and keywords. For this activity, students will use the provided template to take notes on The American Revolution as they learn about it. Student instructions are completely customizable and teachers can have students complete them digitally or print them out to be used in class.

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Template and Class Instructions

(These instructions are completely customizable. After clicking "Copy Activity", update the instructions on the Edit Tab of the assignment.)

Due Date:

Objective: Take notes while learning about the American Revolution.

Student Instructions:

  1. Click “Start Assignment”.
  2. As you read, jot down notes about key events.
  3. Use bullet points, no need to write in complete sentences!

Lesson Plan Reference


(You can also create your own on Quick Rubric.)

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