Activity Overview

Understanding the point of view and feelings of each character is very important when reading Wonder. The author uses different characters' points of view to show readers how Auggie affects people in different ways. For each of the characters (for whom a chapter is named and from whose point of view in which it is written), list his or her relationship to Auggie, his or her traits, whether or not YOU believe he or she is kind (and why), and a quote by the character that backs that up.

PRO TIP: Search for "helmet" to find Auggie's astronaut helmet.

August Pullman ("Auggie")


  • brave
  • friendly
  • inspirational
  • self-conscious
  • smart

Relationship to Auggie


Quote that Shows Kindness Level

    “AUGUST PULLMAN'S PRECEPT: Everyone deserves a standing ovation because we all overcometh the world." - Auggie

Template and Class Instructions

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Student Instructions

Create a character map for the major characters.

  1. Identify the major characters in Wonder and type their names into the different title boxes.
  2. Choose a Storyboard That character to represent each of the literary characters.
    • Select colors and a pose appropriate to story and character traits.
  3. Choose a scene or background that makes sense for the character.
  4. Fill in Textables for Character Traits, Relationship to Auggie, and Quote to Show Kindness Level.

Lesson Plan Reference

Common Core Standards
  • [ELA-Literacy/RL/7/1] Cite several pieces of textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text
  • [ELA-Literacy/RL/7/3] Analyze how particular elements of a story or drama interact (e.g., how setting shapes the characters or plot)


(You can also create your own on Quick Rubric.)

Character Map Template
Create a character map of the characters in the story. Put the character's name in the title boxes and choose a character and scene to represent each one. As you read, take notes on the characters by answering the questions.
33 Points
25 Points
17 Points
Character Picture & Scene
The characters and scenes are both appropriate for the book's characters.
Many of the characters and scenes match the book's characters.
More than half of the characters and scenes do not match the characters in the book.
Accuracy of Notes
Most of the information of the notes is correct.
Many of the notes have correct information, but some are incorrect or missing.
Less than half of the information of the notes is correct and relevant.
Work is complete, thorough, and neat.
Most of the sections of the character map were at least attempted and work is presentable.
Character map is unfinished and/or disorganized.

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