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The Fenris Wolf
Updated: 9/19/2018
The Fenris Wolf
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Illustrator: Xciden Griffiths

Storyboard Text

  • The Fenris Wolf Retold by: Olivia Coolidge Illustrated by: Xciden Griffiths
  • Finally we created the Fenris Wolf
  • Yes we have. Yes we have.
  • This story takes place in all mythology world and it talks about gods and goddesses of how they conquer the world.
  • Stop petting me
  • Be a nice wolf and let me pet you
  • Loki has a family with Monstrous Giantess
  • Well time to chain you up buddy
  • Loki and Monstrous Giantess create the Fenris Wolf
  • Stupid chains!!! Who do these people think they are?
  • Tyr the God tries to tame the Fenris Wolf but he can't.
  • Please go tell the dwarf people to make a chain strong enough to hold the wolf
  • The Gods decide to chain up the Fenris Wolf because he can't be tamed and became vicious
  • The Gods need you dwarf people to build a chain strong enough for the Fenris Wolf
  • No I will break this chain and kill everyone that stands in my way.
  • The Fenris Wolf gets tired of all the chains and breaks them.
  • You can put the chain on me but in return I want a hostage from the Gods
  • Gods ask the dwarf people to create a strong chain for the wolf
  • Right away Gods
  • Messenger tells the dwarf people that the Gods need a strong chain for the wolf.
  • Sure anything for them.
  • The Fenris Wolf wouldn't let the dwarf people put the chain on him until he got a hostage from the Gods.
  • OK then we will tell them.
  • Of all the people, why did the Gods have to choose me
  • Now that I have my hostage, you can go ahead and chain me
  • This can't be happening
  • My hand! ITS GONE You Monster!!
  • The Gods give Tyr as the hostage for the wolf. The wolf then allows Tyr to chain him but first Tyr has to put his hand in his mouth
  • Tyr puts his hand in the wolf's mouth and then he puts the chain on Fenris Wolf.
  • The Fenris Wolf bites Tyr's hand off and Tyr starts crying.
  • Chomp! That was good thanks for the snack kid.
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