40 Years has came early
Updated: 6/13/2020
40 Years has came early
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  • The Ordinary World
  • Wake up boys we need to get moving!
  • Call to Adventure
  • Meeting the Mentor
  • I need you to trust me and I you need to do something for me. I am you from 40 years in the future.
  • Allies, & Enemies
  • We need to raid a lab and destroy the Biological Weapon. If we don't say bye bye to the world we know.
  • Road of Trials
  • Get on boys!
  • Road of Trials
  • Guns out!
  • Lets get this over with.
  • Capt Max a well liked solider by his men and was known for his health and physical strength.
  • Supreme Ordeal
  • While on a training operation in the desert his unit came upon a old man who was injured and sick.
  • Supreme Ordeal
  • Lets finish this.
  • Max tended to the old man. Who told him a story of disease and destruction in the future as well as Max being the one who can change this future.
  • The Supreme Ordeal
  • Give the weapon!
  • Get on the ground!
  • Max believes the man but must convince his unit to go off script and take on a mission they have not been trained for or have permission to do.
  • The Magic Flight
  • We have to go back to the military.
  • Finally this is over.
  • They jump on a train in a ghost town , and infiltrate the bio lab.
  • Confronting The Father
  • Bye!
  • You have saved the world good job.
  • A major battle happens.
  • Restoring The World
  • You guys went A.W.O.L explain your self!
  • Battle Plans.
  • They have a battle with the staff.
  • They get ready to finish off the rest and secure the Bio weapon.
  • They have secured the Bio weapon and will dispose of it.
  • They have got rid of the weapon and have to return back to the military.
  • They talk with the man and they say their good byes.
  • Bye!
  • The world has been saved but now the men must return as rogue soldiers and possible fake Jail time.
  • Well...
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