Academic dishonesty Storyboard

Updated: 10/12/2021
Academic dishonesty Storyboard

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  • Tommy and Chuckie's CheatsTommy and Chuckie's teacher gives them 10 questions and they are deciding to swap answers with each other which is considered cheating
  • Good morning Class! I will be giving you 10 questions for y'all...
  • Hey Chuck, Lets cheat, so you do the first 5 questions and i do the last 5 questions, then we exchange answers!
  • No guys! We can't do that!
  • Well whos gonna stop us?
  • Wow, that was mighty fast boys!
  • Finished!
  • this is considered cheating because you are copying off someone and you aren't trying to do half of the work, and you might never know that those answers could be wrong and you can fail, and if someone finds out, you and that other person will be in big trouble.
  • i would not agree to cheating, cheating is bad and when someone finds out it will be a bigger problem, so i wouldn't cheat.
  • They cheated by doing half of the work that they were supposed to do, and share each others answers, Chuckie did the first 5 questions, and Tommy did the last five questions, so then they told each other the answers and so they turned it in, also i didn't have enough cells to make this but i was going to make them get caught by the teacher.
  • Chuckie and Tommy are both cheating