Catherine Mc Auley

Updated: 10/18/2021
Catherine Mc Auley

Storyboard Text

  • This school is beautiful Fr. Nugent.
  • Here is your dress.
  • Thank you
  • Do you have food for me and my children.
  • Can you help me, my foot is broken.
  • William Callaghan's death left Catherine with more freedom in many ways she continued to visit the poor and sick on Liffey street and Mary street. Fr. Nugent moved closer to her and opened up a school for poor little girls. Catherine was very interested in school. She went there everyday and spent hours teaching young girls to sew fancy dresses for the wealthy people.
  • Catherine wanted to teach the girls how to be Independent. Catherine felt that the girls needed to display their work, so they opened up a shop right next to the school so they could sell their handmade garments. She wanted the young girls to know that God gave them talent and that the talent was important. Catherine was a very kind young lady.
  • If most people were in Catherine's position with all the money she inherited they would have spent it all. Catherine was very different she spent the money with helping poor people. Catherine rather spends her time in back alleys helping the sick and poor, many of her friends admired her but never understood why she did this. Catherine had a dream of building a place to help these people.