Unknown Story
Updated: 2/18/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Oh ok! Just head down that causeway and then turn left it should be there! You can't miss it
  • Halt! Who are you?What are you doing here?
  • Hi my name is Ilez I have come to study the Aztecs!
  • Can you show me to the market?
  • 10 cacao beans for one tortilla !10 cacao beans for one loaf of tortilla!
  • Then I can go to the sacrifice
  • 15 cacao beans for a basket of wheat! 15 cacao beans for a basket of wheat!
  • I have 12 cacao tortilla! I can get a loaf of bread!
  • Man this is gruesome. I think I´ll go to the fields and get some maize!
  • Sure you can!
  • It is right behind me you can take it!
  • Hi I'm Ilez! Can I have a basket of maize?
  • Thanks!
  • Did you hear? They are sacrificing the new comer Ilez tomorrow!
  • Hello citizens of Tenochtitlan!! It is I your Lord and King.
  • WHAT! ME!
  • Your Majesty we need to perform a sacrifice to the Gods so they continue providing our abundant crops
  • I am getting very old. Soon my son will take over and rule this great city.
  • Wow, learning to play the Aztec game of Tlachtli has really helped me run fast and dodge these trees! That city of Aztecs never even knew I was from the future, hahahaha! I need to find my time machine and get out of here before they sacrifice me in the temple! Now, where did I park that time machine?