Dont Judge A Book By It Cover

Updated: 9/3/2021
Dont Judge A Book By It Cover

Storyboard Text

  •  Oilvia was late for her first day of school she only has a little bit of money but she is very smart 
  • hey guys we got a new student
  • eww you see the new student outfit she looks like she live in a trash can
  •  Oilvia went in the classroom and the two girls was bullying her
  • hi my name oilvia
  • haha i know right
  • hey new girl where your get that outfit from the trash can
  •  The two girls was bullying Oilvia but Oilvia just sit there sad. 
  • haha for real it looks gross
  •  Oilvia was sad but she was walking to her locker in the hallway and saw tomorrow spelling bee contest, winner wins 1,000 dollars she sign up for the contest 
  • tomorrow spellig bee contest winner wins 1,000 dollars
  •  Oilvia went home to study on the spelling bee contest for tomorrow . 
  •  The spelling bee is today, the two girls sign up for the spelling bee too, they was in the hallway bullying Oilvia before they start the spelling bee but Oilvia just ignore them 
  • I see you sign up for the spelling bee ha if you really think you going win you wrong you cant even but on a cute outfit
  • you probably dont even know how to spell