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  • words of thie wiserthis words of the wiser is important because ally needs to change her ways at the start so she doesn't get in trouble.this scene is important because this is when ally went to the principles office(not for the good time in the story) and got some advice
  • ffffff
  • contrast and contradictionally would sleep at school because at the start of the book she hated school because of reading and writing and if she was able to she would probally like school a lot more.this scene is important because it shows her sleeping at school because at the end of the book she was able to learn strategies at school by Mr.Daniels
  • i would sleep at school if i would be able to read
  • 1you have dislexia
  • aha momentthis aha moment about Ally having dyslexia is important because this is when Mr. Daniels told ally that she has dyslexiathis scene is important because ally is talking to Mr.Daniels about dyslexia and now she is getting help for it.
  • 2yes that is why you cannot read
  • i have dyslexia is that why i cannot read
  • tough questionthis question makes me wonder because it is a coin that is worth probably 1 cent and asking for 75 dollars.this scene is important because it shows them at a pawn shop doing a deal for a coin that was dipped in nitric acid.
  • for one that has been dipped in nitric acid.
  • how much is it?
  • again and again the author keeps bring up setchbook of inpossable things because The author keeps bring this up because she likes to draw in it. this scene she thought that see was never going to be able to read like other people so she drew in there to get her mind off of everything going on around her.this scene is important becauseit shows that she drew in it in her bedroom and other places but this is one of the places that Ally drew in it
  • something is not right. it's worth more?
  • i would usually 80 but i will charge you 75.
  • this one is smaller than any other coin.
  • dear, you’ve been here for less than five months, Ally, and you’ve been tovisit me far too much. You need to make some changes,” “It’s up to you.”
  • i know i just don't know how to do it?
  • again and againthis again and again is important because her dad is asking ally if she is having a silver dollor day(good day) or wooden nickle day (bad daythis scene is important because ally hasn't seen her dad in a couple of months because he has been deployed for war in the navy)
  • hey ally bug are you having a wooden nickel day or a silver dollar day?
  • some silver dollar and some wooden nickel
  • i grabbed a napkin and started to draw in my scetchbook of inpossable things
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