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  • Journey to the Center of the Earth
  • We should start heading back to Earth now.
  • Ok, but before we go we must study the layers of the Earth to ensure a safe land.
  • The Crust-1st layer
  • I'm just glad we're alive
  • Now let's talk about it
  • We've made it to the crust!
  • Crust
  • Did you know the mantle is actually about 1,800 miles deep?
  • The Mantle-2nd layer
  • Here is the mantle, we can't travel there since the crust is the only livable layer on earth but let's learn about it
  • Wow, the mantle is huge!
  • Mantle
  • 3 atsronauts traveled to the moon and they need to travel back to earth. They don't remember the layers of the earth so they're going to review them with us (the audience) before traveling home to guarentee they make it home safe
  • The Outer Core-3rd layer
  • Woah, look at that thing in the sky
  • Come on in. Where to next?
  • The crust is the thinnest layer of the earthIt is made up of solid rocks and minerals and measures to be about 18 miles thick
  • The Inner Core-4th layer
  • I'll send you all back to earth when you are done exploring
  • The mantle is mostly made up of solid rock and takes up 84% of earth's volumeThe mantle is sectioned into 3 different areas known as the upper mantle, the transition zone, and the lower mantle.
  • Arrival
  • Bye bye!
  • That is so cool! Let's ask for a ride to the outer and inner core
  • The outer core is the only liquid layer of earthIt is made out of iron and nickel
  • We are currently exploring the outer core, the inner core is next
  • Outer Core
  • The inner core is the hottest layer out of the four, some say it is almost as hot as the Sun's surfaceIt is made of iron and nickel which flows around the inner core creating a magnetic field
  • We made it thank you alien
  • Inner Core
  • The alien left us at a circus but at least we're home safe. That concludes the layers of the earth.
  • These elephants are cool!
  • We're back! But how did we end up in a circus?
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