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Francis Drake, History Class
Updated: 9/23/2020
Francis Drake, History Class
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  • It shall be done my queen. Long live England!
  • One day, an adventurous young man by the name of Francis Drake was summoned to her majesty's court room...
  • Francis Drake, I need you to steal everything you can get your hands on.
  • So tired of no action.
  • On an expedition, Francis Drake's best friend died to the Spanish. In rage he stole a lot of gold and silver that the Spanish had collected from the Americans that lived there...
  • Since Spain killed my best friend, I know just what to do. He he he...
  • We're gonna die!
  • Because of his great achievements, Spain started calling him the dragon...
  • Ah! It is the Dragon!
  • It is so much fun being a legal pirate.
  • King Phillip of Spain became so enraged with all of Francis Drake's achievements, that he wanted to take matters into his own hands. So he sent a warning to Queen Elizabeth of England telling her that if he didn't do just that, Spain's mighty armada would come raining down upon England...
  • I want Francis Drake's head served to me on a silver platter!
  • How will we get his head?
  • It will be done, my lord.
  • On being summoned to the quart room again, Francis Drake became nervous, for he had heard the rumors of King Phillip...
  • Now too much action!
  • Francis Drake, I knight thou a knight.
  • HELP ME!
  • I am not going to lose to the armada and that disgusting King Phillip!
  • Suddenly, the battle of the ages breaks out. After tireless days, England has found a way to prevail. It works too. They sent flaming boats at Spain's crescent formation, this made them scatter, so they could win and become the next, best, nation.
  • Abandon ship!
  • We won!
  • I just crossed something off my to-do list.
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