The Water Sprite's Tale - Suleiman 7-K
Updated: 2/7/2021
The Water Sprite's Tale - Suleiman 7-K

Storyboard Text

  • Water comes from a source, often a lake or spring. It can come down as rain or out of the ground.
  • Free at last!
  • This water sprite squeezed out from underground, between the rocks on a cold, hard plateau.
  • The sprite began to race down the steep sides of the plateau.
  • When water erodes its way through soft rock down a slope, it forms a waterfall.
  • I must join my brothers and sisters in the ocean... Geronimooo!
  • This way, guys!
  • Some rocks are hard and cannot be eroded. Water goes around them and continues.
  • You will not pass. Be gone!
  • As the force of the water slowly increases, it can cut through the land more easily...
  • ... and meandering gently through the plains.
  • Zzzzz...
  • Woohoo!
  • ... forming tributaries and rapids in mountainous areas...
  • In the lower course of a river, the flow of the water slows down and the river widens. Sometimes it spills over its bank and forms a floodplain.
  • That flood was so extra.
  • Nearly there, boys!
  • It's still raining...
  • The little sprite and all its new friends were tired as they crossed the delta, on their way to the mouth of the river.
  • A river gets much wider before reaching its final destination: the sea.
  • Let others come behind me and forge their own path.
  • The little sprite has made it to his brothers and sisters. It is the end of a challenging journey.