Textiles Rules

Updated: 5/19/2021
Textiles Rules

Storyboard Description

Bill teaches Stacey the rules you need to follow in the textiles room. They discuss multiple rules together and Stacey becomes an incredible sewer.

Storyboard Text

  • Hi. My name is Bill and I’m a professional sewer.
  • Hi Bill. My name is Stacey and I’ve just started sewing, but I don’t really know all the safety rules. Could you please help me learn?
  • Ok. I will teach you. The first safety rule is no running in the textiles room/workshop. You don’t want to trip over and smash into a sewing machine! It could lead to a needle in your head or a needle in your fellow sewer’s finger. So NO RUNNING!
  • No running in the textiles room/workshop so we don’t trip and crash. Got it. What’s the next rule?
  • The next safety rule is always hold the scissors by the sharp end. Don’t let them poke out because they could stab someone and cause serious damage. You might even stab your hand and not be able to sew anymore!
  • Always hold scissors by the sharp end so you don’t murder anyone and go to jail for the rest of your life. Got it. What’s next?
  • The third safety rule is always put the presser foot down before you start sewing. If you leave it up, when you start sewing it will be very hard to control the needle and you will most likely get squiggly lines all over your beautiful work.
  • Presser foot down equals easy and controllable sewing. Got it.
  • The next safety rule is always point pins and needles away from all people, including you. Always point the needles down so you don’t poke someone in the eye and blind them. You don’t want to injure anybody on the team.
  • Point pins and needles down so we don’t injure anybody. Got it.
  •  The next safety rule is always tie long hair back, no matter what gender you are. If you don’t tie long hair back there is a chance that you will sew your hair. You might sew some of it together or even lose some of it.
  • Always tie long hair back so you don’t sew your hair, ok.