1st chapter

1st chapter
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Dancing Characters

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  • Chapter 1 - The Sound Of The Shell
  • Look at this conch shell! 
  • Cool?... 
  • Chapter 2 - Fire On The Mountain
  • Hey! I can't see properly!
  • Chapter 3 - Huts On The Beach
  • Hunting is more important than shelter!!
  • shelter...
  • A group of school boys crash land on a random island in the Pacific. Ralph and Piggy gather the other boys that survived. Ralph becomes chief.
  • Chapter 4 - Painted Faces and Long Hair
  • WAIT!! NO!!
  • Ralph tells the boys that there are no adults on the island. Ralph then tells the boys a list of things they need in order to survive. Jack, one of the biguns, or older kids, took Piggy's glasses and used the sun to shine a ray on a pile of wood to make a signal fire.
  • Chapter 5 - Beast From Water
  • ?
  • While Jack unsucessfully hunts again, Ralph and another bigun named Simon build shelters for all of the boys to sleep in. Things get heated when Ralph and Jack get into an argument about whether building shelters or hunting is more important.
  • Chapter 6 - Beast From Air
  • While Jack successfully hunts, Ralph and Piggy notices a ship out in the distance. The only problem is that the signal fire went out because Jack and his hunters were hunting. Ralph got really upset with Jack, while Jack and his hunters were happy and proud that they finally killed a pig.
  • While Ralph reminds everyone about what they need,the littluns, or younger kids, mention how they have seen a beast roaming around, when they were clearly dreaming. They also say that it lives in the water, which worries everyone, since their stuck on an island and surrounded by water. They stay alert.
  • While Sam Eric, who are twins, also known as Samneric, watch the signal fire at night, a dead parachutist from the arial battle above the island lands on some branches on the mountain next to Samneric. The wind made it seem like the "beast" was moving. They went to tell Ralph while they were scared, and they further investigated in the morning.
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