Living spaces over the years

Updated: 8/28/2020
Living spaces over the years

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  • Hello there, follow me and Bob. You can see how we lived over a hundred years.
  • Right know we are looking for a cave to live in for the night because we just caught a animal. We were following it for the past few days now.
  • Right know I am out side our cave that we are using for now but, as you can see it is raining so I am going it go in and get some sleep. We are going to leave in the morning.
  • Today Emma and Bob will show you how living spaces changed over the years. From the Paleolithic Age to the Neolithic Age.
  • If you don't mind I am going to get some rest.
  • After some time we learned how to build houses.
  • They were nomadic (people who moves from place to place with no permanent home.) At this time, early humans did not know how to build homes to live in so, they used cave to live in.
  • We now live in a community and we learned how to farm.
  • The next day they will leave because they are on the hunt to food to eat and stay healthy. Sometimes it would take days even weeks to get to eat again.
  • People needed help with stuff, so we domesticated animals and agriculture them
  • In many areas, people used mud bricks, packed together to build houses that were round or rectangular in shape. Some people added tree branches and stones to the mud to strengthen the roof and walls .
  • They are outside of their new permanent home.
  • In the Neolithic Age they used animals for things. domesticate means they trained wild animals to be useful to humans and agriculture means the business of farming; growing crops and raising animals.