Toddler Storyboard

Updated: 9/27/2021
Toddler Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Hello! Welcome to Jay's Children! Come along with me as we travel through each Literacy Center for Toddlers!
  • A way to develop their listening skills is through music! Singing simple songs, Baby Shark and Bear Hunt will help increase their listening skills!
  • The Wheels on the bus go round and round!
  • The first center we will discuss is the listening center. Children need constant developing in their listening skills.
  • Skidamrink a dink a dink I love you!
  • Teachers should be aware of all the different areas where children develop their Literacy skills!
  • Speaking is very important when developing literacy skills! Reading books can help develop children within their literacy. Welcome to the Speaking Center.
  • The next center we have is viewing! Children learn in different styles so having videos is another way children can develop their literacy skills!
  • Hey Ana! What did you have for dinner? What's your favorite color? How do you feel about the song we learned today?
  • Teachers should ask open-ended questions to help children develop their Literacy development.
  • Umm, my mommy made hamburgers. I was hoping we did Mary Had A Little Lamb instead. I love the color yellow!!
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