Fredonian Rebellion

Updated: 10/26/2020
Fredonian Rebellion

Storyboard Text

  • Their Arrival
  • Yay! we get to finally live here.
  • We are here in NACOGDOCHES!
  • Problems Occur
  • Well no Document, No Land. Also, I'm making my son in law Mayor.
  • And I thought 1825 was going to be peaceful! Just let us live in peace!
  • That's not Fair! We live here! I'm going to get the Mexican government!
  • The Forshadow
  • I'm Sorry Son, but the Mexican government said you can't be mayor.
  • I need to do some errands. You're in charge until I come back
  • I'm so angry, I'm going to write to them exactly how I feel!!!
  • Haden Edwards takes 800 families to Nacogdoches.
  • The Plan
  • Uhh… It wasn't me?
  • It's Over! We have you surrounded! As of 1826, this revolt has been stopped.
  • Haden said to the settlers already living there that they had to buy the land again which raised tensions between them.
  • The Siege
  • Uh Oh...
  • This event forshadows that something bad is going to happen. Writing a bunch of angry letters to the Mexican government isn't going to end well...
  • The Aftermath
  • We don't have much control over Texas.
  • They start to plan the revolt at Old Stone Fort with RIchards Fields.
  • Also.. I'm declaring us Independent from Mexico
  • What! The Land Grant was cancelled? I leave you in charge and this happens?!
  • Whatever. I'll just get my brother and revolt against Mexico. If SFA won't help, he will.
  • The group of rebels was not enough and the revolt was stopped.
  • Oops...
  • After the revolt, the Mexican Government realizes that there is more Anglo-American influence over Texas which leads to the law of April 16, 1830.
  • We need to make a new law to make sure we keep control!
  • I agree.