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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/3/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Once upon a time there was a kingdom known as the Cyndal kingdom.
  • Great tragedy!
  • Yes sir! I will spread the word of your command and the finest warriors will soon come to help!
  • The king calls for help!
  • Oh no! The kingdom is in trouble! I must call the kingdoms finest warrior to help us!
  • The brave Gwenyth comes to help!
  • My king I must help the kingdom. I will bring back Cyndal to this land!
  • Gwenyth are you sure of this? It will be a very dangerous journey. You could die!
  • d Hero #26:Gwenyth
  • The map to Cyndal!
  • Thank you for the map. I won't let you down! I will return with Cyndal!
  • This map will lead you to the Cyndal. My hopes and prayers go with you! Goodbye!
  • Arthur comes to help!
  • I'm sorry Arthur, but it is too dangerous. This quest is for me and me alone!
  • Gwenyth wait! My name is Arthur and I want to join you on your quest! Please let me come with you!
  • It was a completely made of Cyndal. Now you might ask what is Cyndal? Cyndal is an incredibly strong and beautiful material that is a brilliant blue. The entire kingdom was made of it and the kingdom flourished
  • Gwenyth starts her travels
  • However great tragedy fell upon the kingdom of Cyndal as they couldn't find anymore Cyndal! With this development the kingdom became in more and more trouble and it looked like the kingdom of Cyndal would be no more
  • Gwenyth travels
  • Desperate the king calls for a warrior to help save the kingdom!
  • Gwenyth travels
  • Many great heroes try to help and find more Cyndal but all fail and perish in the attempt. That is until one brave warrior comes to the castle...
  • The desolate mountains
  • Well I've finally reached the desolate mountains, I must be careful. Who nows what creatures live here.
  • The king gives Gwenyth a map that will lead her to the Cyndal.
  • Fight for her life!
  • A young man named Arthur comes to help Gwenyth, however she turns him away. Gwen then leaves the castle and goes on her quest.
  • Gwenyth kills the goblins in a fight
  • Gwenyth travels through the land of Arun.
  • And the forest of horror
  • Before ending her first day of her quest by sleeping in hobbit vill.
  • After a long journey Gwenyth reaches the desolate mountains, the first real stop in her quest.
  • A group of goblins have blocked her way. She must fight for her life!
  • The goblins attack Gwen with their claws. She slashes the first goblin, then beheads the second. The third she stabs through the heart. The king goblin hacks at her with his sword but she dodges and stabs him through the heart.
  • Gwenyth leaves the desolate mountains
  • Thank goodness that I am out of there! That was crazy!
  • Robbers!
  • She asleep! Quick get her skeletons!
  • I really shouldn't fall asle... zzzzzz
  • Captured!
  • Arthur appears to help
  • They leave the cemetery of robbers
  • Entering the maze of the minotaur!
  • Gwenyth leaves the mountains just as night falls
  • The minotaur!
  • Gwen lays down to sleep, but she doesn't think of the possibility of grave robbers!
  • Leaving the maze!
  • The grave robbers capture Gwenyth!
  • The dragon and the Cyndal!
  • Luckily Arthur, who she rejected in the beginning, has appeared to help! He has followed Gwen throughout the entire quest and has come to save her!
  • The quest completed!
  • Arthur frees Gwen, and together they defeat the grave robbers!
  • Flying through the night!
  • Gwen and Arthur continue on their way to the maze of the minotaur!
  • The kingdom saved!
  • They hoped to get through the maze without the Minotaur finding them, however, he finds them! They are in for the fight of their life!
  • After a hard battle and much fighting they manage to defeat the minotaur!
  • Arthur and Gwen have finally made it to the Cyndal cave! However, they must convince the guardian to let them take the Cyndal crystal back the the kingdom!
  • Gwen manages to convince the guardian to let them have the crystal. However, she did so well the guardian wants to come with them!
  • The guardian travels through the sky and carries Gwen and Arthur on her back, along with the Cyndal crystal!
  • With Gwen and Arthur bringing back the Cyndal crystal, the kingdom is saved and they live happily ever after!
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