Life in the Middle Ages
Updated: 1/18/2020
Life in the Middle Ages
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  • Clean Or Dirty
  • Why is my hair so itchy???
  • Healthy or Unhealthy
  • Agrarian Or Urban
  • They lived in houses made of wood and there were lice and fleas in their hair and the sanitation was very poor. They also lived with their livestock which means they had to live with animals dung. Even the nobles could only bathe once a year but that doesn't mean that they don't wash they faces and bodies.
  • Educated or Uneducated
  • In the Middle Ages, medicines and anti-biotics were very rare. But the people there ate healthier diet than us which means that there were no illnesses that had to do with obesity.
  • Supersticious or Scientific
  • England was mainly Agrarian and there were no towns and cities back then. THey also had technological disadvantages. Farmers also had to go fight in the military if there weren't enough people. They had fertile soil.
  • Religious or Irreligious
  • Ever since the fall of Rome, the barbarians burned all the libraries and books. Education was also nonexistent and people didn't know how to read and write.
  • Science was almost unknown during that period the method that they used the most was trial and error. Its not superstitious nor was it scientific but then it worked anyways.
  • They believed that all the good things in life happen for the good things that they do and the evil events that happened were due to their sins. They also had to go to church. People who aren't religious believed in science but back then there was no science so they were all very religious.
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