Health Assessment
Updated: 3/31/2020
Health Assessment
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  • Jealous and Lonely
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  • At ballet one afternoon Julie (pink) is talking and laughing with a bunch of her new friends. Niki (yellow) and Julie are starting at a new school, her and Julie have been best friends since kindy. While, Julie has made new friends, Niki hasn't and is feeling a bit uncertain.
  • Pannel 4
  • Suddenly, Niki feels a strong pain of jealousy hit her in the stomach. She wishes she could have good friends like Julie, she also wishes that her and Julie could see each other soon, they hadn't even talked since last year. Niki is overwhelmed with jealousy and loneliness and decides to solve her Deleima.
  • Pannel 5
  • Niki decides to go and find her mum, and so she does. She finds her mum at home in the kitchen. She tells her mum how, "I don't know who to play with, and Julie has already made new friends." Her mum tells her that it is okay to make new friends and that she should go to school and see if anybody has similar interests to her, and then to try sit with them.
  • Pannel 6
  • The next day at school, Niki (yellow) goes in with a determined mindset to find new friends. So, at recess and lunch she goes and sits with Grace, Maddie and Ruby. Niki has a lot in common with them: all their favourite subjects are art and sport, and they all love to play soccer and bake. They played soccer and had a lot of fun. Niki was very pleased
  • Niki still missed playing with Julie and so the following day she decided to make a solution. And so, at recess Niki went up to Julie and said, "Julie, do you want to come and join in with my friends and I, your friends can come too." Julie said, "Yes, I'd love to." replied Julie.
  • And before you knew it Niki and Julie were playing tag together with their new friends. They were overjoyed and were so excited. The pair realised a valuable lesson: it is okay to make new friends, as we all have different interests that vary, but you can also keep your old friends too. All the girls have so much fun and play together for the rest of the year.
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