Updated: 11/23/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Intro
  • Without father
  • They turned paravanna into a boy
  • in the introduction they tell about were they live their family and about how her father got arrested
  • graves
  • Without father they could leave the house so they wrote a fake note to let paravana leave the house.They shop owner hit her with a stick and told her to go back home.Mother and paravanna went to the jail to try and get father out.They couldn't.
  • "Soccer game
  • they cut Parvannas hair and put her in Hossans clothes.Hossan is her brother who died.She now did her fathers job as a translator.The taliban didn't know she was a boy
  • ending
  • She saw her friend from school dressed as a tea boy who dug graves they did it together and at first mother didn't want her to do it but Norria convinced her to let paravanna keep doing it because it was worth a lot of money.
  • They got crates of cigarettes and gum to sell so they followed the crowd.They saw a stadium they thought it was a soccer game but when they got in no one was cheering it was a little sad.Instead of players walking out it was the Taliban.On the other side was people with their hands tied by rope.The Taliban cut there hands of and arms the "boys"were terrified
  • norria is marring their neighbor.Parvananna woke up agter a storm in a room with a women crying.Her father got out of jail