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Corruption in education
Updated: 11/10/2020
Corruption in education
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  • A sincere and serious teacher who works in one of the schools, and has a mom he loves and she loves him very much, that he came to her after leaving work and said: My love ! A student offered me a hundred dollars as a bribe, so I reported him and he was dismissed him from school. His mother embraced him and said: You are sincere .. a reformer .. Thank you
  • The story may be from broad imagination ... but it simulates reality! ... Bribery is the mother of disasters, malice, and the most dangerous type of corruption at all.In all nations, eras, peoples and states .. including the developed countries .. because - if their magnitude grows - they crack the stomach of greed for many people, including some righteous people who resist a lot, and then some of them collapse with the tremendous temptation that turns their scales, lives and minds Upside down..
  • A month later he came to her and said: What are these people! Today, another student offered me three hundred dollars, so I reported him and he was dismissed him from school!She hugged him and kissed him and chanted: What a wonderful man you are!
  • Bribery is the (black hole) that swallows money and makes fraud spread in most commodities, including electrical appliances and circuit breakers, cell phone chargers, and auto parts, which threatens the lives of people who buy these goods believing that they are (original) because the country of industry has confidence in it. The problem is that what has been written about the country of industry is false, and this black hole swallows up the quality of projects. With the increase in its costs (despondency and misfortune), the evils of bribery have no limit.
  • Months later, the loyal teacher came to her and said: Today a student offered me a hundred thousand dollars as a bribe, so I refused it and reported it!She shouted: How much! One hundred thousand dollars! And you refused it?????
  • The solution to this pernicious disease, which, if it spreads in the body of the economy and society, eliminates it and makes it an impact after an eye. The solution is to tighten the penalties to the last extent on (the briber, the bribe-taker, and the briber), because extreme fear overcomes severe greed.
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