bio project
Updated: 3/8/2021
bio project

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  • Library
  • Let me explain.
  • I am sad that the library is close because I wanted to read more about protein synthesis.
  • What is that?
  • so much information and there's more
  • This a cell in it there is a nucleus. The whole process of protein synthesis is here. in the cell there's DNA.
  • The code in the DNA tells the cell to use induvial nucleotides to create mRNA by polymerase dividing the double-helix in to strings of DNA
  • The transcription of the Protein Synthesis occurs inside of the nucleus in the middle of a cell. Here the first stage of making protein happen called the transcription process.
  • What happensthere?
  • Is that the whole process?
  • What is polymerase?
  • And once this is achieved, the mRNA will start the next step of protein synthesis
  • Not at all! After this, the mRNA travel and leaves the nucleus and enters into the cytoplasm through pores in the nucleus. The cytoplasm is outside of the nucleus but it it still inside of the cell
  • Oh right! Polymerase from what I've learned in the book, is an enzyme, which is what reads the DNA. after this is done, the original DNA will join back into to be copied and used again.
  • Once the ribosome attaches itself to the mRNA strand the ribosome reads the strand like a manual as a ticket is received and read by a ticket reader at an arcade. once this happens a codon is matched with its complementary one in groups of three these complementary codons are called anti-codons which have amino acids at the tip of it called tRNA which when joined with its counterpart creates a protein through the ribosome.
  • This process makes a chain of amino acids in a specific odder arrangement coded from the mRNA this is also includes the start Condon and stop Condon whos purpose is to tell the ribosomes to start or stop the process of making a protein through reading of the DNA.
  • so much information and there's more
  • Well the translation process for proteins happens through the ribosome which is like a machine of a sort. Remember the mRNA as I remember it saying in the book this provides a template for the sequence of amino acids in the protein being produced
  • Finally the chain of these amino acids folds into specifics shape. This product is a protein depending on the sequence of amino acids the type of function is determined along with with its shape of protein
  • And there you the it. the transcription of protein synthesis! Now that the library has re-opened if you're interested you can now find out more about this.
  • Great!! Thank you I cant wait to learn more.