Updated: 1/15/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hello, my name is Remy Rock. Let me tell you a little bit about how I was born.
  • I was underground when something changed my life forever. I went through contact metamorphism. Although, I gotta say it was kind of stuffy from all the heat and pressure.
  • It was on a river just
  • Hey Remy, how are how are you?
  • Yeesh, he reeks...Wait, how long has he been down here?
  • Hey look there's my BROTHER!
  • I was once a beeeautiful piece of extrusive igneous rock. I got melted down into molten rock and spewed out of a volcano in the form of lava!!! Then, I cooled and hardened.
  • Then something terrible happened to me and it was all the cloud's fault.
  • Hey man. Take it easy, it ain't my fault that mother nature weathered and eroded you, basically tearing you piece by piece.
  • Get your own story, Mom. Also, wanna hear a joke? Why was the Sedimentary rock extra cheap? Because it was on shale!!! Hahahahahaha
  • Hey Remy, are you telling the reader how your sediments got carried away by the river. And when you eventually got compacted and cemented with minerals.