Cell Cycle 2
Updated: 1/13/2021
Cell Cycle 2

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  • Anaphase pt.2At the end of Anaphase, the DNA inside the cell has moved to the opposite side of the cell.
  • TelophaseIn this phase, the nucleus becomes rebuilt so both ends of each cell have a full set of DNA with the membrane to protect it.
  • Uhh...
  • *blinks*
  • CytokinesisIn this last phase, everything splits into two cells making two genetically identical cells, which are the same copies of the original cell.
  • OK.
  • I wonder what would happen if I came out wrong anyways?
  • Hello me, this is where we work at until we go through the process again
  • Cancer CellWhen cells during the cell division go wrong, cancer cells are made. This means they no longer respond to things that control cellular growth and death. They are mostly mutations that don't or do not do what cells are supposed to do and avoid them. They look nothing like cells and are dangerous. To prevent these mistakes, you need to make sure you have enough nutrients in your body. Without nutrients, the cell cant becomes healthy making it a cancer cell.
  • Normal Cell
  • Cancer Cell
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