Updated: 2/18/2021

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cell science

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  • I´m Felling so bad....
  • Ok. I´m visit the vet for chek me out
  • Hi lucy. I´m angie your vet today .. so tell me what happen
  • I fell tired and sick
  • I understand you... i nedd some blood and make some exams
  • oh no I´m scaried
  • this is Lucy´s blood and contains many cells lock
  • Cell is like a computer becosuse is that conatains all information about you
  • Lucy have a cell and each cell have a : cell membrane
  • Cell membrane is like a houses aoutside is the estructure who protect the cell
  • ohh. and its like like the door of the house that controls who enters and how leaves
  • now we will go to the vacuoles, have you heard what they are for
  • i thing that are the store water ...like me in this moment .. can i go to he park?
  • ok i continue... ribosomes is also in the cell and the funcion is make a proteins they are a tiny molecular machine
  • thanks I relax
  • you know what is the power house ?
  • I dont know
  • i know is the important part of the cell becouse convert energy in a food moleculas and this part is the mitochondrian
  • other part is the Golgi Apparatus, is important becosuse ´process and packed proteins and lipid and send out to the other parts of the cell is ike a celular send information
  • Lucy take a relax i going to the lab and i will call you i need more inside your cells
  • ok doctor i will be ok
  • i am so tired and i see all the parts that my cells have but i feel so terrible
  • I will be help lucys... so I now to look the endoplasmic reticulum
  • i am a endoplasmatic reticulum anf my funcion is make hormones and lipid and I am smooth and rough
  • and the last one and very important is the NUCLEOUS
  • The nucleuos is the comand center of the cell contains DNA and have a funcions of reproduction
  • Lucy I found out you have
  • really i´m going to die ?
  • Not lucy you are pregnand
  • oh oh