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Updated: 2/12/2021
anubis followers

Storyboard Text

  • Mummification
  • The afterlife
  • the afterlife 2
  • The mummification process begins and they start to remove your organs such as your brain through your nose with a stick once they finish they wrap the body to preserve it. and give the mummies sceptres depending on their religious rank
  • The afterlife part III
  • In the afterlife, Anubis judges your life and chooses where to put after you finish the 12 gates depending on your good or negative impact and your religious beliefs. Then there are the trials you complete for each gate to advance to the next.
  • The afterlife part IIII
  • The gate of each deity is different and you must endure through each solar boat each trial is different and done by different gods.
  • The after life V
  • Most Pharaohs or high religiously ranked people get the book of gates which guides them through the afterlife called the book of gates or the book of death which guides the reader to obtain immortality.
  • Once they finish the 12 trials which are the trials of Sia who rides a river to the next trial with a boat containing a snake and as the trials progress they get harder.
  • After the 12 trials, Anubis and 42 other deities judge your life and you must convince them that you are pure and kind-hearted. Once you finish this part if you are thought of as good enough you go to Anubis who puts your heart on a scale and a feather that shows your sins once this is over the god Rha judges you and then you obtain immortality if you are pure.