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Virginia Vs New Jersey Plan Or Levy
Updated: 11/17/2017
Virginia Vs New Jersey Plan Or Levy
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  • Welcome to Philadelphia!! 
  • The Articles of Confederation are weak, anyone have any ideas on how to help change that?
  • I think I know who could help, lets go inside. 
  • I'm Edmund Randolph, and I would like to introduce the Virginia Plan, it proposes that the amount of population you have in the states is the amount of votes your state gets.
  • Gosh this man. *rolls eyes*
  • I disagree
  • I'm William Paterson, and I would like to Introduce the New Jersey Plan, it consists three branches of government, The legislative branch would have a house of repersentatives which would consist of one delegate from each state to vote.
  • This man needs to be quiet already.
  • I disagree
  • Since we all can't agree, we shall agree to the Great Compromise, it includes points from both plans. We shall all agree to the three/ fifths compromise, which means that a slaves can count as three/ fifths of a person.
  • Mom, Can you come pick me up?
  • Hey, I have an idea ... what about the commerce compromise, it includes international slave trade and no tax import or exports.
  • We agree, but we would have to get it ratified by all the 13 colonies before we pass it.
  • Finally jeez
  • The Commerce Compromise was ratified due to the agreement of the bill of rights, Thank you for your help, See you in 20 years when the compromise is over.
  • I talked to the colonist and the Upcountry men wanted more individual protection, and clear limitaion on government rights.
  • I finally don't have to be stuck with this dude anymore. Why did I even agree to this, he was so annoying. *sighs and rolls eyes*
  • We agree, why don't we call it the Bill Of Rights. 
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